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  • OPS 571 Wk 1 – Practice: Week 1 Practice Quiz

OPS 571 Wk 1 – Practice: Week 1 Practice Quiz 

Complete the Week 1 Practice: Introduction to Process Selection and Design Quiz in McGraw-Hill Connect.

A process that emphasizes cross-functional integration and concurrent development of a product and its associated processes is known as ___________. (Choose the correct answer to fill in the blank.)

Multiple Choice


team planning


concurrent engineering


cross-functional design


integrated product planning


integrated process planning

What is it about service processes that makes their design and operation so different from manufacturing processes?

Multiple Choice


Lack of skilled personnel


Poor management


Direct customer involvement in the process


Complexity of the processes


Lack of automated equipment

The purpose of value analysis/value engineering is to ________________. (Choose the correct answer to fill in the blank.)

Multiple Choice


simplify products and processes


determine the total cost of ownership of a product


determine customers’ definition of value


add more features to a product


reduce the cost of parts and materials

Which of the following is a characteristic of concurrent engineering?

Multiple Choice


Integrated computer-assisted design


Using automated guided vehicles


Separate development teams working at once


Having an excellent forecasting system


The design-build-test cycle

Consumer electronics is an example of a product developed in which variant of the generic product development process?

Multiple Choice


Technology-push products


Customized products


Platform products


Quick-build products


Process-intensive products

Which of the following is primarily used to help design products that will connect product attributes with customer desires?

Multiple Choice


Phase 0: Planning


House of quality matrix


Value analysis/value engineering


Concurrent engineering


System-level design

A reason that firms must develop more new products than ever is which of the following?

Multiple Choice


Product life cycles are shorter


Commitments to joint venture partners


They are replacing old customers with new ones


To amortize heavy investments in development labs


The increased difficulty of defending patents and trade names

Economic analysis of product development projects is useful in which of the following circumstances?

Multiple Choice


Factory location


Distribution decisions


Go/no-go milestones


Demand estimation



The most basic categories of cash flow for a typical new product do not include:

Multiple Choice




Ramp-up cost


Development cost


Sales revenue


Marketing cost

What dimension of competitiveness does quality in product design affect?

Multiple Choice


Engineering hours per project


The cost of ongoing service


Responsiveness to customer needs


Aesthetics of design


None of these

OPS 571 Wk 1 – Practice: Week 1 Practice Quiz

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