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  • CSS 422 Week 5 Architecture Design Document

CSS 422 Week 5 Architecture Design Document 

Refer to the following Individual Assignments:

Week 1 - ADD: Overview and Stakeholder Identification

Week 2 - ADD: Use Case, User Stories, and Development Methodology

Week 3 - ADD: Architectural Design, Architectural Patterns, Control Flow Diagram

Week 4 - ADD: Quality Attributes and Views

As you finalize your ADD in your role as a software architect, use the CRM system described in the Assignment Background document to complete the two tasks below:


Create the following, additional sections in a 2- to 3-page Microsoft® Word document:

Technology section:

Identify the technologies used in the architecture.

Provide reasons for using the technologies. For example, Oracle SOA solution is chosen for the SOA architecture but also because the company has a license for the product.

Cloud Migration section - Your company is considering a move to Microsoft® Azure® or Amazon Web Services® to host the CRM:

Identify the pros and cons of migrating to the cloud comparing hosting solution.

Present the result slide/picture/diagram with bullet items.


Combine all sections from Weeks 1 through 5 into a single, 12- to 16-page Microsoft® Word document. Address all previous feedback before submitting the final Architecture Design Document (ADD). As this document is intended for a technical team, APA formatting is not required.

Submit your assignment.

CSS 422 Week 5 Architecture Design Document

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